une sorcière

  elle voit la vie en rose    

Oh hello, you are the 781th visitor to Heartful Spirit, an old scrapbook filled with Rinoa's favourite things. The current layout features artwork by Ashley David and the piece is titled Lady In Red.

As you've probably guessed, I have a thing for pink and soft colours. Although I keep myself distracted at home with quiet hobbies like books and gaming, my other hobby is luxury travel. I love to experience and discover the best the world has to offer (especially to eat). But before I start rambling about my obsessions, here's a rundown.

Name: Sheila (Rinoa)
Work: Executive Director
Instrument: Concert Harp
Dance: Ballet & Ballroom
Training: Yoga, Pilates, Skating
  Sign: Cusp Scorpio
Personality: ENTJ
Insight: Directing Motivator
Season: Striking Autumn
  scorpio necklace

On the outside I'm a lanky rectangle-shaped ½ Indian ½ Filipina mestiza that drinks bubble tea daily. On the inside I'm a born and raised Canadian who wants to retire as a Harpist at night while working in tech leadership during the day. Despite the pictures, my dark brown hair is black au naturel. My amazing stylists keep it balayage highlighted with warm golds and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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