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This page has information on a few of the characters I've played in online games. Most of the time I end up being a magician or elf type of character. I enjoy building my characters to a very solid state before moving on to the next thing.

Ragnarok Online β & Episode 11

wearing Tiara   Name: Sherazard
Job: Magician » Wizard
Specialty: Ice & Thunder
Stats: INT & AGI
Guild: Kapra HQ
Rouge: lipstick Amulet: from Munaks, when used it will make someone dead undead Fin: from Obeaunes and Marcs Frozen Rose: a rose frozen with magic Skyblue Jewel: from Obeaunes and Jewel Shop in Moroc Illusion Flower: MVP from Mistress

On the Chaos beta server my main character was a Magician. I was infamous for exclusively using the 'freeze then fry' tactic. It was hard work to build this perfect stat character but she became exponentially strong and solo MVPed bosses in the end. The Magician became an Ice specialized Wizard just before the end of the beta.

The immense number of people I played with was what made it enjoyable, everyday we had insane events or sharing of cute toys. Aside from merchants and mules shared between friends, I also had a high level archer named RinoaHeartilly with perfect stats. On the Korean Sakray and Loki servers, I rotated between the names Sherazard, Schala, Rinoa and Sheila while testing a variety of new jobs and skill builds.

wearing Blush and Flower Hairpin   Name: Zafina
Job: Dancer » Gypsy
Specialty: Scream & Tarot
Stats: DEX & AGI & INT
Cresent Hairpin: moon goddess wouldn't be without it Blush: makeup that actually shows up Hwergelmirs Tonic: crazy drink Incredibly Spicy Curry: cuz she's Indian Hand-made White Chocolate: if you know me, I always eat it Old Red Box: what's inside?

A few years later, the RO bug hit us again so we played on a few different servers to explore all the new locations and jobs. I'm now fond of using Gypsy as main character since it suits my playing style much more than the magician ever did. The abilities are comedy gold! My Gypsies are named Zafina, after the Tekken character that looks like me. With the latest RO updates Zafina is now a Wanderer.

I still make Ice based Wizards though, naming them Schierke and customizing them with a blue theme. I also made a Gunslinger named Miss Hastings, based on my RP character who eventually learnt how to use a rifle, and a Soul Linker named Sherazard. The best new thing was having cute pets. I was usually accompanied by a baby savage named Tumtum or dog named Angelo.

Final Fantasy XI Online

wearing Igqira set   Name: Sheila
Race: Elvaan ♀ 6B
Country: San d'Oria (Rank 10)
Guild: Cooking
Linkshell: RageOfDark
HNM Linkshell: Juventus

After seeing early screenshots and player journals, the gang and I imported the Japanese game and played on the Ragnarok Server. As Sheila I mainly was Black Mage or Summoner for endgame purposes. Due to being Elvaan, I had Sheila's stats heavily modified by the Merit Point system to favor everything magic related. I also had a mule named Maochu (Tarutaru BLM) and leveled it a little.


My silly habit of collecting things meant that I had a fully furnished mog house and 'good luck charms' in FFXI. Like in RO, Sheila also had all the impossibly hard to get gear and crazy stuff for all the jobs. As I look back I'm amazed, the game was time consuming and yet my friends and I managed to do just about every difficult quest and mission at the time.

Phantasy Star Universe

wearing beginner clothes   Name: Sheila
Race: Newman
Type: Force » Fortetecher
Hair: Auburn with two ponytails
Eyes: Hazel with Sunglasses
Weapon: Staves & Bows
Server: Universe 13

My main character was a Force Newman who mainly used Ice Magic (blue) or Recovery (white) spells. I customized her to have my skin and hair color, and she's usually seen wearing orange sunglasses. My other main was a Ranger CAST named Selene who looked like a cyborg vampire with black hair and blood red eyes.

Everyone I know played on Universe 13, which was good times since a lot of FFXI players were also there. I liked that we were able to have totally different levels and still play together. However, the game was a disappointment with no signs of improvement.

Granado Espada Closed ? & 2.0

wearing first outfit   Family: Heartilly
Location: Port of Coimbra
Team: Wizard | Elementalist | Musketeer
Fave NPC: Lisa Lynway
Fave Food: Chocolate
Fave Pose: Hugging
Server: Carracci

My friends and I were lucky enough to get into the first English speaking Granado Espada closed beta. We had an awesome time checking out the sights, doing events and going nuts with the pose function. When the game went commercial, I continued playing and my account is still active. The main characters I use are Cecilia (Wizard), Rinoa (Lisa Lynway), and Zafina (Emilia Guiliano). I also have a Gracielo named Deis.

The Exiled Realm of Arborea

wearing first outfit   Name: Sheila
Race: High Elf
Class: Sorceror
Home: Allemantheia
Fave Attack: Hail Storm
Fave Area: Seeliewood
Server: Tempest Reach

The main attraction of this game is how beautiful it looks, the pretty outfits, and all the customization! After a few stints in the beta with NeoGAF's guild, the Team Lace crew eventually made their own FLAREgamer guild on release. We often partnered with other guilds to do instances. With the ability to make so many characters, I mainly made High Elves, Castanics and Elins. My favourite jobs to play are Sorceror, Priest and a tie between Slayer and Berserker.

Genshin Impact

Ningguang   Name: Ningguang
Element: Geo
Weapon: Solar Pearl R5
Artifact: Gladiator Finale (3) & Archaic Petra (2)
Talents: Sparkling 10 | Jade 13 | Starshatter 13
Constellation: C6 Opus Aequilibrium
Server: North America

Being unable to go out and travel during the pandemic turned myself and my friends into dolphins and (later) whales in Genshin. Although I love many of the characters for their designs, Ningguang completely appealed to me in personality and vibe. A wise and hard working woman who built her wealth, Ningguang has refined tastes but still loves modest "street" food. I love that there are numerous allusions to her being a reborn form of Guizhong, the Goddess of Dust who partnered with ZhongLi in the ancient past. I often pair my C6 Ningguang with my C1 ZhongLi, with most of my time spent arranging a "Jade Chamber" abode of my own in the sky.