le bal masqué

  je change comme je rime    

This page has information about roleplay characters that were either based on me or played by me. I'm not very good at roleplay but I like to watch, read or listen to other people's stories as they unfold. Because of this, I like characters who are sort of in the background. I also sometimes cosplay characters that I like and some pictures are on my deviantART account.

Wheel of Time

  Name: Rinoa Heartilly
Organization: Aes Sedai
Ajah: Blue
Heritage: Cairhienin & Illian
House: Osiellin
Strength: Water
Talent: Foretelling

Many years ago I tried my hand at a Wheel of Time community roleplay with a few friends who also loved the books. Most of what I did was OOC administration of the websites and forums but it was a memorable and educational experience since I'm a fantasy lore buff.

Rinoa Sedai was a manipulative Daes Dae'mar whiz. Her heritage was a mix of Cairhienin and Illian, and her strength in the One Power was Water. She wears a Great Serpent Ring on her right hand's ring finger or on a silver chain around her neck. I played the long journey from being a Novice to Aes Sedai while keeping up that thick Illian (pirate!) accent. Rinoa often spied on others and ended up being Assistant to the Head of the Blue Ajah Information Network. She was a relatively weak Aes Sedai but this was later made up by her Talent of Foretelling.

Star Wars

  Name: Mierin
Alignment: Mid Dark
Disfigurement: Facial scars
Force Power: Drain (Heal)
Lightsaber: Gold crystal
Alliance: Darth Maven

I don't play this character but I did get to name it! I originally wanted to name her Selene but it was too common, so I used Selene's real name. I don't know anything about Star Wars beyond the movies, so learning about it by watching others was very interesting.

Mierin is a character in the third part of a trilogy of games. She could be described as the consort to a Sith Lord who calls himself Darth Maven. Like Maven, she's a Jedi who has gone bad for the sake of a greater good and her lightsaber is gold. She's not powerful nor beautiful (anymore) but she's very loyal and caring in secret. It's likely there is still some good in her.

Pirates of the Caribbean

  Name: Sarah Chandra Hastings
Rank: Noble Lady
Occupation: Curator
Ethnicity: Indian & British
Alliance: British Empire
Skill: Appraising
Specialty: Music & Dance

I decided to try my hand once again on roleplay with a Pirates of the Caribbean style game. Since I didn't know a thing about being a pirate, it was suggested that I play a lady who was kidnapped at Port Royal. She was weak and clumsy but unassumedly charming and sophisticated, quite comparable to Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy.

Sarah is a blue blood of mixed Indian and British descent who spent her life studying archaeology and worked as a curator. She became obsessed with collecting ancient relics and dropped all of her responsibilities. Her favorite relic is an ornate jade hairpiece that she wears for luck. Being tricked by a pirate captain and then brought aboard his ship has been her worst nightmare. It's the first time she can't get everything her way and she's not going to make it easy for anyone!

Victorian Vampires

  Name: Cecilia La Mencio
Alias: Raven
Origin: Spain
Occupation: Ballerina
Forte: Speed
Special Skill: Insight

Tall, gaunt and burgundy-eyed, Cecilia is a ballerina gone mad. During her life, the vampiress was famous for her performances as Odile in Swan Lake, turning more than thirty-two fouettés and hypnotizing the audience. After her death, the blood of an ancient caused her sense of insight to heighten to the point that it dulled her other senses.

Little is known about her past, other than that she was born in Spain and spent most of her life in France or Russia. She tends to favor wearing white or cream dresses, along with heavy amounts of makeup and perfume. Her room has several pointe shoes in cream, beige and rose, all in different states of wear. She is named after Saint Cecilia, who my mother named me after in real life – Saint Cecilia's feast date is my birthdate.

Final Fantasy

  Name: Sherazadea
Hair: Brown-Black
Eyes: Brown
Rank: Princess
Origin: Hassara

I don't play this original fantasy setting character but I got to name her. Sherazadea is a Hassaran princess whose father became evil. Her father also doesn't like that she's smitten with a foreigner, the pirate Captain Sly Vandel. Sly ends up kidnapping her and taking her onto his flying ship. Her story was heavily inspired by the Sarah Hastings character.


  Name: Violette Reine
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Rank: Leader
Ability: Perception altering

Another character I don't play. Violette was named after a secret agent who shares my middle name, just in French. I also got to choose the artwork used. This dark-skinned lady has the ability to paralyze people and cause vertigo. She will be the leader of a group of enemies in a Heroes-esque game.


  Name: Ishtar Arana
Ethnicity: Arabian & Romanian
Home World: Persephone
Profession: Companion
Forte: Melee weapons
Specialty: Dance

Ishtar is a character I created for a Firefly style game. Born in Persephone and schooled in Sihnon, she's a Companion whose short temper hides a big heart. Her key talents are in dancing and using melee weapons. She has a problem admitting mistakes, both to herself and to the Guild.