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Over the past few decades since this website was made, my fashion has slowly evolved to match my lifestyle. The one constant is that I have always supported Canadian brands and have always been a bit on the preppy side, since I wore a school uniform. Although I shop quite a bit when I travel, most of my clothes and jewellery are from shops in Eaton Centre or Yorkville Toronto. There are classic shapes, colours, and materials I consistently gravitate towards and overall I prefer a more timeless style. I stick to natural materials that breathe, ensure clothes fit well and stick to midi length skirts or coats. I have a straight body type so clothes off the rack fit well, but every now and then I have dresses or tops tailored to fit better. If there's anything I can't resist, it's a good cashmere wool coat.

If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour
Most of the colours I use are ones that go with a deep autumn skintone. I'm set when I like something, so I buy 3-5 or more of same piece of clothing or shoes. I may get them in other colours but I prefer to store multiples of my favourites since I will surely use them until they're worn out.

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life
One thing I'm extremely fond of is occasion wear and occassion accessories, I was raised to think about the TPO. I love buying gowns, shoes and bags just for events and this probably stems from my Filipina mom's love of pageantry and my love for bespoke accessories or costumes. I enjoy shopping for themed wardrobes just for the places I travel to, or to match friends on outings or trips (like the matching dresses and shoes with Jenn and Shanz!). I even regularly buy themed pyjamas (especially for Christmas) or coordinate sleepwear with friends (like with Shanz in Iceland)! I'm also very particular about my sunglasses, activewear and sporting outfits; everything is comprised of carefully selected gear for every specific activity or sport. Over the years I built up a collection of bespoke fascinators and hats, and recently began branching into tiara replicas... who knows what's next!

I have an olive skin tone that varies between medium during winter and tan during summer. Since my skin tends to look sallow with cool tones, I stick to using ivories and warm-based colours. I'm not skilled at putting on makeup, so my main look is eyeliner, blush and a pinky nude lipstick. More of my focus is on skincare and regularly getting Korean spa facials, as well as always having a french shellac pedi in my custom colour mix – been doing the same thing since 2008! As listed on my MUA, I mostly use Giorgio Armani, Cle de Peau, Dior and Bobbi Brown.

My stylists are amazing, they do my hair in custom styles for events, galas, cosplay and for all of my friends. For nearly a decade she has been colouring my hair in dark brown with gold balayage that she custom hand paints in to look like it was sunkissed. We go a bit lighter on the summer then darker in the winter. When I have time, I use a ceramic to give my thick straight hair some waves and shape, as I think flat hair looks boring on me. My hair is resistant to curls, so the curls straighten out quickly with the weight of the hair though. My type 1B/C hair is very low maintenance, if I'm not going for a blowout, I wash with Kerastase's Oleo Relax and condition with Masquintense Thick. I brush out my hair with my trusty Mason Pearson boar bristle for thick hair. I bring that brush with me everywhere!

I rotate my scent with the seasons. Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt has been my main "neutral" scent for the past decade. I get compliments about how clean and pleasant it smells, and two of my friends have begun using it after I gave them samples. I swap or blend with Jo Malone's Wild Bluebell. In Spring and Summer I use Fragonard's Orange Blossom since it reminds me of Marrakech and Eze. At home I use Diptique's products of Eau de Sens when showering and around our house we use Aesop Reverence for hands. But my favourite body wash is Korres' Citrus which reminds me of our time in Oia where we used it (thanks to Sia for supplying it from Europe!).

Fine Jewellery
When I was younger, my accessories were delicate and small scale, like mini chains, lace, charms and freshwater pearls. I'm now comfortable wearing fine jewels everyday since they were meaningful gifts from life milestones or celebrations. More importantly, they're usually robust enough to withstand things like getting slammed, scratched, swimming and sports. I've inherited pieces from all sides of my family and most weren't my taste, but now I think of the sentimental stories behind them, enjoy looking at the engravings, and incorporate them into my wardrobe. I'm appreciating what I have, especially since jewellery is a huge cultural thing on the Indian side of my family. I used to keep everything in original packaging and tucked away to be forgotten, but after recently getting a Stackers box from UK (thanks Jenn!) I now make the time to wear everything. I have allergies, so I mainly use platinum, gold and steel (which is on watches). I can't wear silver or rose gold too much, although I have some pieces that were gifts (because everyone knows I love pink) and just limit the use.

For everyday use, I pick a pendant with the right length or colour for the top I'm wearing and usually go for the Love bracelet from my husbando. On my fingers I tend to use 3-5 rings, one with a gem (usually wedding or engagement rings, either my own or inherited), one middle sized one or a signet ring, and some thin ones. If I'm not wearing a substantial pendant, I'll wear a more substantial bracelet. If I have several appointments or errands, I'll use a watch. When i'm playing the harp, I stick to my thinnest rings as they won't interfere and wear bracelets only on the left hand. Finally, if it's a special occassion, I'll use the more substantial rings or bands and stack some bracelets.

I'm not knowedgeable about bags but I live through people who are (like Kathy and my mom!) and am trying to learn from them. Unless I'm going to the beach or gym, I prefer a formal structured bag over a slouchy soft one and I usually associate each bag I have with a place I traveled to or a milestone. My current bag rotation includes Mark Cross, Loewe, Strathberry, Hermes, and Goyard. For every bag I add to my collection, I give away one that's not in use and that's how I keep my closet from getting too full. For work and travel I've been loyal to Tumi for decades, especially for oversize luggage, but recently I got two cute matching carryons and some travel bags that came with accessories from Canadian brand Ebby Rane.

I used to have a growing Hermes scarf collection and I still collect silk or cashmere scarves when travelling, but I haven't seen patterns or colourways that excited me in years. I can't resist purchasing the odd twilly or carré so I don't leave empty handed though. Sticking them on bags or tying hair with them is a good way to get them out of the box. I do love hats, and that's one thing I really need to stop collecting as they're difficult to store. I'm trying to get better but I love collecting hats from different countries. At least berets don't count since they store flat...