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  un talent de fille    

Thanks to much encouragement and investment from two parents who worked hard to make sure that their children had a better life, I spent most of my life immersed in performing arts. All the discipline and practice helped shape me into who I am today. It influenced how I decide whether or not things are aesthetically pleasing to me.


I began with a classical lever harp before moving onto a pedal harp Now that I'm grown up and can choose what to learn, I've taken up Harp lessons with the Royal Conservatory of Music and joined the American Harp Society. Piano was a pain to play with my small hands, but Harp is no problem. It feels so natural to do an octave for once. The instrument is so beautiful and makes such relaxing sounds.

I started off my studies with a Lyon & Healy Troubadour lever harp in Ebony, as it was a good precursor to a pedal harp. When the Lyon & Healy Chicago Concert Grand Extended pedal harp was available in Ebony, I went to Lyon & Healy in Chicago with my teacher, in order to select the best harp of the batch to bring back to Canada.

Ballet & Pointe

I carried pointe shoes in the open so that they'd be well aired after practice I began taking Ballet lessons at three and Jazz lessons at the age of four. Eventually, I ended up studying Ballet under the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus at Ontario School of Ballet for many years. I made many friends and never considered going pro, even though I continued to take classes when most had quit.

When I turned twelve, I began taking pointe classes and ended the Jazz classes. My first shoe was a Capezio Contempura, which was recommended during fitting. My instructor liked it since this particular shoe forced me to work even harder in relevé. I still remember how hard breaking into that shoe was in comparison to the other girls who used Gaynor Mindens! As I got older and my body changed, so did my shoe preference so I started using Capezio Aerial.

Everyone always asks me if pointe hurts. In my case, I never had problems even though we didn't have fancy padding back in the day. Since my feet are extremely narrow, most shoes in the narrowest size won't fit. The shoes I am currently fitted with are the split sole leather Capezio Juliet and the Suffolk Solo (ignore the Sansha bag and Freed insole, hehe).

Nowadays I take classes at the National Ballet School InStudio with friends for fun. They have the best teachers and we've become friends with some students. For cross-training I take Yoga and Pilates throughout the week during my lunch hour and will soon start Aerial Arts!

Ballroom Dancing

Someday my friends and I will attend the Opernball My friends and I take ballroom dancing lessons at Anna's Dance Centre for fun. Although we have to learn everything, my husband and I prefer the Waltz, Viennese Waltz and Tango. My main practice shoe is the Capezio Isis, which matches all my pink or beige dresses. Like all Capezio dancesport shoes it's wide for my narrow feet, so for performances I get custom shoes from International.


Everything I wear is pink My favourite activity at Totum Life Science is Boxing because each bootcamp class has a variety of skipping, ab work, cardio work and bag work. Since I'm not bulky, I push myself to do long combos faster, harder and endlessly without getting tired like Pacquiao. I use a pair of Everlast 12 oz. gloves in a bright pink. To protect my hands (I need them for Harp!) I use extremely long and plush matching pink hand wraps that were meant for Muay Thai.


Our parents surprised us by buying an expensive black YAMAHA piano when we were kids I started taking Piano lessons around the age of six, following my older brother who had already begun taking lessons years before. We eventually ended up taking private one-on-one classes at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Our instructors were really dedicated but like the Elizabeth Bennet quote on this layout, I wasn't very good at it because I never practiced enough. Our piano is a YAMAHA upright in Ebony, one which happens to be the exact same model that Nobuo Uematsu owns.

Flute & Vocal

I hated desalivating the stuff after practice I first started playing the flute when I was around ten years old at school. I also tried the piccolo for a short time and know how to play a recorder, which was required. I learnt that I had a natural affinity for playing any kind of flute. However, the instruments made my natural overbite worsen with all the constant practice.

At the same time I took flute, I began studying vocal arts and continued for several years after I quit flute. I have a very childlike choir voice that is alto. When I reached adolescence, my already small range was no longer able to reach as low as it used to.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Making shapes with the ribbon was obviously my fave Around the same time I took Jazz classes, I took Rhythmic Gymnastics as well. I spent a lot of time with the rope, hoop, ball and especially the ribbon! We didn't do batons though. The experience gave me precise hand-eye coordination and helped with flexibility. To this day I'm very handy with throwing and catching objects on the right 'ends' of them but not so much with juggling.

Traditional Dance

We had these exact same Korean fans Under instructors at other schools, I spent years learning Hawaiian and various folk dances that were required. From relatives and friends I learnt Filipino, Chinese and Korean dances. Like with Ballet, each of those had several specific dances and styles within them that I had to learn; like Korean buchaechum, Filipino tinikling and the Tahitian.