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If there's one thing I can't stop talking about with my girls, it's fashion and beauty! Fashion icons range from Molly Ringwald's Pretty in Pinkness in the '80s to Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday. My outfits consist of delicate chiffon dresses in the summer. In the winter I wear shorter dresses in solid colours, all of which come from Japan or Korea. I don't care about names but my favourite wardrobe pieces have consistently been by Oasis, Hermes, Rudsak, Cherry Spoon and Mercury Duo.

Annabelle creamy eyeshadow quad in Cosmopolitan Bobbi Brown from Holt Renfrew Chanel Allure eau de parfum, Annabelle eyedust in Chiffon, Annabelle LE gloss in Breathless

I have a pinky olive skin tone that varies between medium in the winter or a darker tan during summer. Since my skin tends to look sallow, I stick to using pearls, roses and warm colours. As listed on my MUA, I use Giorgio Armani, Cle de Peau and Bobbi Brown skin care or makeup. I can't live without their products!

The only makeup I use everyday is an eyeliner from Japan called K-Palette. I also like using BB blush in Apricot and some Cle de Peau lipstick when I have time. At night, I love the Annabelle eye prisms in PinkGold or Chiffon to highlight my aegyo sal. My signature scent is Chanel Allure EDP, which also has a design colour of beige/pink/gold.

long wavy hair copper wavy hair

Years ago my hairstylist based my cut on a picture of Kaldea. To this day, the pic of Kaldea is still displayed at her salon! During the summer of 2006 I decided to have my hair dyed coppery-red, which I later had cut like Stella Nox. In the winter of 2010 my hair was then darkened with gold highlights exactly like Rinoa. When I have time, I use a ceramic flat iron or a Babyliss curling iron and Biosilk to make my hair like Selene. In more recent years I've had a heavier fringe and balayage undertones, and have been playing with pastel or gold highlights.

my natural nails pink oversized habiba sunglasses by coach Tribeca women's french twist pump by Kenneth Cole

Ever since I studied Ballet, I liked having my nails neatly trimmed and shiny without colour. Now that I have taken up the Harp, I have to keep them really short. Since then, I keep a Shellac manipedi (Romantique or Beau) all year round, since they last so long.

I have a ton of sunglasses, like Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired pair above by Coach or my bow cat pair by Tiffany. On vacation I use a pair of Maui Jims since the polarized lenses allow me to see more. I used to wear contact lenses in gray or turquoise but ever since my vision was corrected I no longer wear anything at all and have grown to prefer my natural eyes.

I love high heels. I have way too many stiletto pumps and over the knee boots. My current fave pair is the above french twist pump that Anjira sent me. Second fave is a pair of beige espadrilles with chiffon. Years ago I bought a pair of Nike Air Max 180+ II Premiums for distance walking and am sad they discontinued. When I'm at the gym I use black/pink Nike Frees.

My most recent shoe obsession is Melissa brand. I own at least 5 different pairs, and my friends and I buy pairs to match each other. The shoes are made in Brazil with strawberry-smelling plastic and are nearly indestructable. More importantly, they can be worn almost anytime and anywhere for comfort.

pink charm bracelet with silver hearts lace, chiffon and pearl detail on one of my CFD shirts

I have a lot of random charms: pink, gold, brown, or topaz jeweled hair pins and bracelets. Most of them are celestial or heart themed. The love for charms meant that the girls of Team Lace took part in a charm bracelet project! Another project we did together was get gorgeous gold wingheart pins! Since I can't wear rings while playing the Harp, I often wear my platinum engagement and wedding rings on a chain.

I select very delicate laces and chiffons or embroidered fabrics that have little details like ribbons, bows or pearls when I buy clothes. As shown on the main page on this site, the colour range of my wardrobe tends to be very soft like what is found on the satin of pointe shoes: beiges, roses, ivory and white. I have only dresses and skirts, pants have not been part of my wardrobe for nearly a decade. Things are usually made work-friendly with blazers, but I feel out of place in dark colours. It could be freezing cold but I'll still insist on dressing like a princess or fairy, which is what my friends call me as a joke.